Das Rheingold

for 'Max Joseph'
The Bavarian State Opera,

Avorton 2

I'm also in this book:

AVORTON 2 " May the fetus you save be blind "
by Mathieu Desjardins

Pakito bolino / Victor Marco / Benjamin Monti / Jean-Jacques Tachdjian /Cazzimir Meulemans /Brecht Vandenbroucke / Jean Lassalle /Aleksandra Waliszewska /Ludovic Boulard Le Fur /Arnaud Loumeau /Anne van der Linden /Marc Brunier Mestas /4ndr345 m4rch4ll /Marcus Nyblom /Keenan Keller / Johanna marcade /Camille & paul Girard-Brunet /Daisuke ichiba /Judex /Antoine Duthoit /Mathieu Desjardins /Bernharda Xilko /Pierre Marty /Priscille Claude /David pujol /Remon Chambi

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I'm in 'Oceaan', a zine by Studio Fluit.
read more here:

Oceaan contains work by Astrid Yskout, Benjamin Demeyere, Brecht Vandenbroucke, Ephameron,

Sarah Vanbelle, Vincent Vrints, Ward Zwart and, of course, Eva Mundorff, Lie Dirkx and Naomi Kolsteren.

A5 size / 36 pages / 2 colour risograph prints / silkscreened cover (printed by Afreux)

€ 7 + shipping

I'll sew you a skin

acrylic on paper

And This is only the beginning

acrylic on paper
-adventures of Robert Nothing-