The Fame

We need more strong artists.
Acrylic on paper, A3

Never Give In

"Never give in".
In response to yesterdays tragic events at Charlie Hebdo. 
My toughts are with the family and friends of these brave people. 
Freedom of speech should be one of our basic human rights.

Comics Zur Lage Der Welt

Happy New Year everyone!
I will be in Berlin this week for 'Comics Zur Lage Der Welt',
A group exhibition with 47 artists... Come and say hi!
9-31/01/2015 at Galerie Neurotitan, Berlin, Germany.
Opening party 9 January 2015 at 19.00 Uhr
Le Monde Diplomatique + Reprodukt.
More here:
and facebookevent:

I took a picture so it could last longer.

A2, acrylic on paper.