Some Of The Things

Gheistnight Vol 3

26-29 nov 2015, 
group expo, Gouvernement Gent.
Sarah Yu Zeebroek
Kristof Van Heeschvelde
Elise Van Iterson
Aljocha Hamerlynck (image)
Brecht Vandenbroucke

De Canvasconnectie

I am happy/nervous to say that on november 17th i will be featured on
"de Canvasconnectie’, a program on Belgian television. 
For 30 minutes, i’ll talk about the art & things that get me excited. 
And a little bit about my own work. Scary.
17/11/2015, 21.55h-22.30h.

Growing pains

Acrylic on paper, 16 x 24,5 cm