I drew the cover for the new Stripburger( nr 66, Slovenia)
A lot of Belgians in this one!

Some Of The Things

Gheistnight Vol 3

26-29 nov 2015, 
group expo, Gouvernement Gent.
Sarah Yu Zeebroek
Kristof Van Heeschvelde
Elise Van Iterson
Aljocha Hamerlynck (image)
Brecht Vandenbroucke

De Canvasconnectie

I am happy/nervous to say that on november 17th i will be featured on
"de Canvasconnectie’, a program on Belgian television. 
For 30 minutes, i’ll talk about the art & things that get me excited. 
And a little bit about my own work. Scary.
17/11/2015, 21.55h-22.30h.

Growing pains

Acrylic on paper, 16 x 24,5 cm

Only one thing on my mind.

Shady B*tch, episode 15.

Student 2015

I did a bunch of illustrations for 'De Student', a supplement of De Morgen, on
25/09/2015. This was the cover.

Small Press Expo 2015

I’m off to Washington for SPX,  where Bendik Kaltenborn, Joan Cornella and me are doiing a paneltalk on European Comics and the Absurd (sunday at 1:30-2:30PM in the White Flint Auditorium) moderated by Bill Kartalopoulos. 
We’ll try to keep it nice.

Mould Map 4

Out now: 'Mould Map 4 - Eurozone Spezial. 
A book about Europe and its possible futures, published by Landfill Editions.
A lot of great artists are in this. I made a short comic.
10% of all sales this month are going to British Red Cross for their work on the current human crisis in Europe, as this is a book about Europe in 2015.
The book is available now from the new site at
more at: 
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Small Press Expo Comix

I will be a guest at SPX (sept 19- 20th. Bethesda, Maryland, US.)
Come say hello to my face and my other body parts. 
More here:

Let’s Play!

Illustration for ‘Het Merelmens’, a shortstory by Yves Petry. 
De Morgen, 12/08/2015

Helsinki Comic Festival 2015

I will be in Finland at the 30th Helsinki Comic Festival from 28-30 august.
Looking forward to it!
More here: .

The Academic Workplace

I made a lot of new illustration for The Chronicle Of Higher Education's 
eight annual survey 'The Academic Workplace, Great Colleges to Work For 2015'.
Read more here:

I have a new dress!

Shady B*tch, episode 13, 
published in Society n°10

Drawn & Quarterly 25: Twenty-Five Years of Contemporary Cartooning, Comics, and Graphic Novels

This book came out, published by my Canadian publisher Drawn & Quarterly, celebrating their 25 years of existence. My work is also in there, somewhere in between an amazing amount of terrific work.
Drawn & Quarterly 25: Twenty-Five Years of Contemporary Cartooning, Comics, and Graphic Novels by Drawn & Quarterly.
On how to buy it and more, right here:


Poster for Martha, the new short in Ray-Ban's ‪#‎Campaign4Change‬ series.
Premiering this week on Never Hide Films. Directed by Sam Benenati, original score by James Vincent McMorrow. Thanks to Jeff of!

World Refugee Day

Tomorrow (20th june) is World Refugee Day. A day to recognize the struggles and celebrate the courage of millions of people around the world fleeing violence and persecution, leaving behind everything they know and love, for a chance to live safely and with dignity. I made this drawing to raise awareness.
More here:

ELCAF 2015

I will be in London 20- 21 june for the ELCAF festival...
I also have a talk saturday 20 june at 11:15 – 12:15 u.
Come and say hello to my face!


.. And everyday theres stuff i can learn from the past.
 Cover for Oogst #2, the new Belgian magazine about art, literature and film.
I made all the drawings for the new issue. Come to the launch event:


I made a big painting for the Klaxon comicfestival last week.