Aller Retour, Rencontres graphiques Paris-Bruxelles

Last week i went to Paris to build on the groupshow ALLER-RETOUR at Maison des Métallos.

The opening was lots of fun! Alot of Thanks to Yassine & Chamo and all the other artists, it was great!

As usual, i didn't take any pictures, but Lovely Delphine Durand did, all photocredits to her!

Group Photo

be sure to check it out, there is alot more to see!!!

info about the expo:


Rencontres graphiques Paris-Bruxelles


Du 25 février au 20 mars 2010

Maison des Métallos

94, rue Jean-pierre Timbaud

75011 Paris - M° Couronnes

01 48 05 88 27

Elzo, Yassine,

Anouk Ricard, Brecht Vandenbroucke,

Remed, Gwénola Carrère,

Oréli, Chamo,

Delphine Durand, Vincent Mathy,

Sish-Tick, Rocco,

Kitty Crowther, et Bruno Salamone

Ouvert du mardi au dimanche de 14 à 19h

Nocturne le jeudi jusqu'à 22h

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  1. Hello,
    I didn't know your work before seeing this exhibition, and I want to tell you that I really loved your work, it's a great discovery for me. The correspondence maintained with Anouk Ricard was particularly interesting. Thank you for your work. (Sorry for my English)