Summer School

'SUMMER SCHOOL' exhibition

16 july till 27 august

opening BBQ party 16th july


16 artists go head to head with 16 vintage primary school maps. Wether they have warm of mixed feeling towards their education, this is the time to pay a tribute, take revenge and everything in between. The result is 16 original artworks, no copies, no prints, just the real deal.

Opening party with BBQ, music & cheese,

bring your own food, friends and swimmingpants!

16th of july 17:00-23:00

Participating Artists:

Collin van der Sluijs (NL)

Jon Burgerman (UK)

Merijn Hos (NL)

Ian Stevenson (UK)

Brecht Vanderbroucke (BE)


Beurobeuro (DE)

David Elshout (NL)

Bobby Pola (NL)

Hedof (NL)

Jos Verwer (NL)

Martyn F Overweel (NL)

Daan Markus (NL)

Rein Vyncke (BE)

Illona Gerretsen Barata (NL)

The Krah (UK)

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