Sans Soleil #1

Sans Soleil #1 - The Belgium Issue.

Sans Soleil is a new newspaper composed by Ward Zwart. Number 1, The Belgium Issue, is published especially for the Helsinki comic festival 2012. This year saw Belgium selected as the guest country, with several exhibitions being set up in order to showcase and promote the work of Belgian artists. This edition contains a selection of the works of various artist
s as a supplement. Contributions: Frederik Van den Stock, Martha Verschaffel, Dennis Tyfus, Ephameron, Sam Vanallemeersch, Sarah Vanbelle, Chiara Lammens, Rinus Van De Velde, Wouter Vanhaelemeesch, Eva Mundorff, Astrid Yskout, Céline Hudréaux, Brecht Vandenbroucke, Laura Geurten, Ward Zwart and Olivier Schrauwen.
Graphic Design: Vincent Vrints

24 Pages
Black and white
2 euro (+ shipping)

available to buy here

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